Turn a 165 year old building from an Italian restaurant into a coworking space? Sure, why not?

With the help of the City of Park Ridge, we were able to transform this historic building from an abandoned restaurant into vibrant, flexible office space for the entire community.  What was once the original Park Ridge post office, library, and at one time the home of the original founder of Park Ridge, is now a place for people to meet, work, and dream.

Scroll down to explore the process. And don’t forget to pull the slider on the images from side to side to see the before and after!

The Main Level

We wanted to keep as much of the original architecture as possible, while updating the space to accommodate  the needs of a flexible office environment. You’ll notice 165 year old brick and beams, mixed in with leading edge technology and beautiful modern finishes.

The Lower Level

Would you want to take phone calls in a mop closet? Have a quick meeting at the dishwashing station? Maybe flip your laptop open on a—potentially not legal–brick oven? Yeah, us too… We took the basement down to the original floor and brick walls, then built it back with thoughtfully utilized spaces and bright finishes that make you feel like you’re anywhere but the lower level of a 165 year old building.

The Upper Level

What was once an awkward, narrow, patio that was haphazardly converted to dinning room seating is now a thoughtfully designed space to work or meet. Sit-stand desks and a temperature controlled private office flooded with sunlight are the highlights here.

Come by and check us out, we'd love to get to know you.