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The work landscape around the world is rapidly evolving. And along with that evolution, the concept of working remotely has also emerged. The traditional office environment has been redefined with a dynamic solution: shared workspaces or coworking spaces. If you’re interested in working at a fantastic location in Park Ridge or Deerfield, come check us out!

Now, you might wonder, “What is a shared workspace?” and “How does it work?” Read on as we give you the low-down on the beautiful concept of coworking spaces.

A shared workspace is a collaborative and flexible setting where people with diverse backgrounds, companies, and professions can work in a shared physical space. It’s an innovation that challenges the conventional notion of dedicated offices. Coworking spaces also offer freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and established businesses an avenue to interact, network, and thrive in a dynamic community setting.

Understanding the Concept of Shared Workspace

If you’re considering working remotely but want to learn more, there is a ton of information online. The concept of a shared workspace covers various dynamics, so deciding which setting will fit your needs can be challenging.

Make a few Google searches and you’ll find a multitude of setups when it comes to shared workspaces. But in general, a coworking space is a unique office solution for remote professionals that offers high-quality amenities and facilities. There are three basic types of coworking spaces:

  • Collaborative Workspaces. This coworking space with open-plan environments allows you to work in a supportive setting. These spaces will generally have amenities, such as printers, equipment access, and high-speed internet. Some companies offer hybrid remote work options and use collaborative workspaces so their employees can interact during in-office days.
  • Shared Workspaces. This coworking space is like a traditional office setting. It allows working professionals to work outside of their home or office. You must bring your laptops or devices but can use equipment like printers or a meeting room. This is the perfect option for freelancers or remote workers who want to have social interaction occasionally.
  • Shared Office Space. Larger companies mainly offer this type of coworking space. For example, if a company has extra and unused office space, they lease it out long-term to offset its overhead. Like other shared workspaces, a shared office space has dedicated desk areas and amenities that the lessor can use.

Who Uses Shared Workspaces?

Various professionals, from startups to digital nomads, are the usual clients of coworking spaces. As companies began re-evaluating their strategy in deploying their workspaces in the post-pandemic world, shared workspaces became a desirable solution for giving employees flexibility and a more cost-efficient alternative to traditional office settings.

  • Freelancers and digital nomads. Most freelancers and digital nomads work at home or in a café. However, working at home without outside interaction can be tedious, uninspiring, and isolating. If you go to a café, there can be more distractions, making it challenging to concentrate. Thus, a coworking space is the best and most viable option for remote work.
  • Entrepreneurs and consultants. All types of entrepreneurs and consultants can benefit from using a shared workspace. Aside from having access to high-speed internet and amenities like printers, a coworking space also offers conference and meeting rooms for business meetings and presentations.
  • Local and remote teams. More and more businesses have discovered the benefits of renting shared workspaces for local and remote units. So, if you have limited seating capacity in your main office, you can always assign teams to shared workspaces nearby instead of packing them in a small space.
  • Work-from-home employees. Not all employees can handle working from home all day of the week. Some people need the semblance of an office setting to work efficiently. A coworking space is the best solution to get employees out of the house occasionally or when they feel a little cooped up in their homes.

How Do Shared Workspaces Work?

Shared workspaces are a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional office setups. These spaces provide amenities and resources that a remote worker needs and an environment that fosters collaboration and productivity. Here’s how shared workspaces typically work:

Membership Options

Most shared workspaces offer membership plans where you can get monthly, weekly, or daily passes. You can choose the plan that suits your budget and needs. Depending on the workspace, they might offer different membership tiers with varying access levels to their services and amenities. But coworking spaces also accept walk-in clients, so you can go whenever necessary.

Community and Networking

Shared workspaces offer many benefits, including connecting with other professionals and people from diverse backgrounds. Working in these spaces helps you network, collaborate, and interact with potential business contacts. The open layout of these coworking spaces is also great for spontaneous interactions and cross-disciplinary collaborations.


Most share workspaces operate 24/7 to accommodate people who work various hours. Thus, you have a convenient option if you must come in for a virtual meeting with your team from another time zone. If you have a remote team, members can choose when to come in and work since shared workspaces are open any time, allowing for greater flexibility.

Professional Atmosphere

Shared workspaces are designed with a professional environment, and you can enjoy a more conducive space to work than in coffee shops or home offices. It’s a perfect atmosphere to help boost productivity and focus.

Add a Shared Workspace to Your Remote Working Routine

Overall, shared workspaces provide a dynamic environment where professionals can work independently while benefiting from shared resources, networking opportunities, and social interactions. And if you’re looking for the best coworking space near you, Brick & Mortar offers the perfect blend of design, technology, and work. Booking our on-demand workspace is straightforward and as easy as booking an Uber.