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With the rise of digital tools, more employees have the option to work remotely. But even though a physical office is no longer required to maintain contact with your team, there are still advantages to having a private space to gather.

With a professional location, you can foster deeper relationships with your employees and clients and collaborate sans distractions. That’s where private offices come in. At Brick & Mortar, with locations in Park Ridge and Deerfield, IL, renting a private office provides you access to the privacy and amenities of a corporate office but with the flexibility of remote work.

What Are Private Offices?

A private office is an enclosed or secluded workspace away from shared areas and other workstations. This work setup provides a higher level of confidentiality so teams can talk freely without fear of being overheard. Private offices are turnkey work solutions that are complete and ready for use. The best part is you don’t have to commit to a long-term lease. You can rent them according to your needs. We have private offices available for rent on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis.

Private offices are ideal for executives, accountants, and lawyers with sensitive information to discuss. They are also perfect for individuals who need a peaceful work environment where they can buckle down and accomplish their tasks fast. We have thoughtfully designed private offices with keyless access so you can come in and out whenever needed.

Why Should You Rent a Private Office?

If you need a designated space for your team, you can rent a private office at Brick & Mortar coworking spaces in Park Ridge and Deerfield, IL. There are countless benefits to doing so, including the following:

Cost Savings

You get bragging rights when you have your own office. But is it worth it when you spend so much on equipment and overhead expenses? Aside from the basics like printers, projectors, cubicles, and chairs, you must also pay for repairs when equipment breaks down. On top of that, you have to settle the rent, utilities, and payroll.

You can significantly lower your expenses by renting a private office in a coworking space. At Brick & Mortar, you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy the amenities. You get high-speed fiber internet, so you never have to worry about getting cut off during video conferences. You can also have as much coffee as you need while tackling your daily tasks. You even get a beer on us to celebrate the end of a long day.

Our flexible payment schemes will help you rack up the savings. You can choose a daily pass if you need a private office for your team for a day or two. But you can go for the monthly membership if you want to stay longer. We won’t pin you down to a contract that is out of your budget.

Enhanced Teamwork and Productivity

While working from home has various benefits, it can take a toll on your team. When there’s hardly any interplay between team members, it is hard to solidify ties and foster a sense of unity. And when you have your own work bubble at home, there is no standard of productivity to follow. It’s easy to become too lax. That is why there’s still no replacement for face-to-face interaction.

Renting a private office for your team allows work relationships to develop naturally. Your team members can motivate each other, build on each other’s strengths, and gain new perspectives. Even water cooler talks and coffee breaks can help them bond. These interactions will add up and enhance teamwork, creativity, and productivity.

We also have gorgeous kitchens, conference rooms, and high-end amenities to provide the best coworking experience.

kitchenA Private and Focused Environment

One of the best parts about coworking spaces is the energy and excitement from being around other people. But sometimes, you need to separate yourself from that to have some privacy. That’s why Brick & Mortar has private offices. You can break away with specific people to discuss projects that don’t concern the entire team. You can also talk about delicate topics, like legal, financial, and HR issues, without everyone hearing.

Private offices are also there for individuals who need a quiet and focused environment to be productive. It also works the other way. If you’re always on the phone for work and have a loud voice, you can take it to a private office to avoid disturbing those around you. What’s great about private offices is they are not alienating like home offices. You can walk outside the room and have meaningful interactions with the rest of the community.

Employee Flexibility

What employees appreciate the most about remote work is the flexibility. You don’t have to sacrifice that when you rent private offices. Your team members can still work on their own time on most days and meet up for crucial discussions or team-building activities. There is no pressure to report to the office daily. When you preserve work flexibility, your team members will be less likely to take vacation leaves or look for other companies.

Brick & Mortar also offers flexibility in terms of location. Our private offices in the suburbs of Park Ridge and Deerfield, IL, are near transportation, restaurants, and retail stores. You can pick the location most convenient for you and your team.

Rent a Private Office for Your Team at Brick & Mortar

Renting a private office can be the solution to your woes. It costs significantly less than maintaining your own office space but provides the same opportunities for interaction, communication, and collaboration. At the same time, you can discuss private matters without worrying about leaking information. Lastly, you get to retain a high level of flexibility, which your employees will appreciate.

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