Easy to use coworking that's as simple to book as an Uber.

In just a few seconds you can have a beautiful office just steps from your home:

  1. Purchase a day pass, membership or meeting room online
  2. Check your email for “how-to” notes for your chosen location
  3. Download the app
  4. Hold your phone by the reader to access the space
  5. Enjoy—and repeat as often as you want : )

If you'd like to tour a space before purchasing a pass or membership simply schedule a time and one of our awesome team members will meet you to show you the ropes.

Tired of working from home?
We've got you covered.

Amazing Locations

Our locations are carefully selected to be in the heart of vibrant suburbs—steps to restaurants, shopping, and transportation.

High-Speed Fiber Internet

Superfast fiber internet so you can get more work done faster—and make sure you're not the one breaking up on your team's video conference.

Free Coffee & Kombucha

We'll keep your brain fueled with endless coffee and kombucha throughout the day.

Sit/Stand Desks

Really want to set up shop but don't need a door that closes? Our memory controlled sit/stand desks are a great fit.

Monthly & Daily Passes

Whether you're looking for a place to work for a day, or want to be a regular fixture in the community, our flexible memberships are here for you.

Virtual Offices

Just looking for a place to pick up your business mail and host a meeting once in a while? Our virtual office membership is just what you need.

Private Offices

Do you need a private space for yourself or your team? We've designed beautiful offices with keyless access control to fit your needs.

State of the Art Conference Rooms

Thoughtfully designed conference rooms with best in class video conferencing and presentation tools.

The perfect blend of design, technology, and work.

We believe where you work should feel and function like a beautiful piece of software—not like a library. By investing heavily in technology and design, your local Brick & Mortar allows you to access an amazing workspace on demand—as little or as much as you need it.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

What is coworking?

Coworking is an affordable, shared, flexible workspace for individuals or teams who either work from home, remote, are self-employed, or are looking to downsize from a larger office that is no longer needed. It’s really for anyone who needs a professional place to work outside of their home, office, or local coffee shop. We provide all of the amenities of an office setting, including adjustable sit/stand desks, free super-fast wifi and printing, complimentary hot coffee, cold brew, and kombucha—and of course other awesome people like you to connect and share ideas with. It can also just be a place to meet clients, take Zoom calls, or conduct meetings.

How do I access the space?

It’s super easy! Once you purchase a membership or day pass you’ll receive a couple of emails—one from our team with some “how to” tips, and one from Kisi with a link to download the electronic access app. After you’ve downloaded the app (and turned on your Bluetooth) you simply hold your phone up to the access reader and the door will open for you—like magic : )

Is there someone on-site for help?

We’ve thoughtfully designed your spaces to make them feel like a seamless extension of your work life. By leveraging technology and deliberate design, your Brick & Mortar is able to function 95% of the time without a team member on-site. However, if you ever have questions or need help, you can reach us anytime by connecting on the app or just giving us a ring.

Do Day Passes expire?

They are good for life and can be redeemed at any location. This goes for the Day Pass Bundles too : )

Do I have to be a member to use your on-demand services (meeting rooms, day passes, etc.)?

On-demand services can be utilized a la carte without a membership. Feel free to purchase as little as 1 meeting room hour or 1 day pass—we’re here to suit your needs!

What is a Part-time Membership?

The Part-time Membership is great for anyone who wants to increase their productivity but may only need a workspace a couple days each week. It’s also a perfect starting place for someone who is new to hybrid/work from home and isn’t sure how much time they’ll be needing at Brick & Mortar. This recurring membership gives you 8 Day Passes per month—plus member rates on meeting rooms.

Part-Time Memberships - do days roll over?

If you begin your first month halfway through the month, we can rollover 4 days upon request.

Are memberships prorated upon initial sign-up?

Yes. If your membership begins on any day other than the first of the month, it will be prorated accordingly.

What's the protocol for phone calls in the shared space?

Coworking etiquette can be tricky! It’s not just about confidentiality, but also about the feeling that you may be a nuisance to the others or the noise level can be distracting. We get it! However, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one taking phone calls in a shared workspace. Here are a few tips from our members:

    • Wear headphones—preferably noise cancelling ones
    • If confidentiality is what you’re looking for, there are sound-proof phone booths throughout the space that be can be utilized on a first come first serve basis.

Come by and check us out, we'd love to get to know you.